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    Welcome to my science teaching page. Here, I post some past and current work for use in my classes and lectures. Use with permission only, and have fun! D.G.F.

Dr. Frank's Fall 2008 Classes

Applied Science and Mathematics
Calculus / Post-Calculus

Statistics of Science and Math WITH BIOLOGY
Practical Computer Skills

Physical Science I

Handouts & Worksheets
The following handouts are used in many of Dr. Frank's Classes. Use with permission!
Links to several science videos.

'DrFrankVids' on YouTube

Dr Frank Rides a Pendulum...

Archimedes' Principle

Honda Ad
'Gallopin' Gertie'
Octopus Symbiosis

Imagining the Tenth Dimension

Hubble Telescope Deep Field Zoom
Hubble pan across deep field galaxies
Hubble zoom of NGC 3324
Hubble Telescope Site

Science, Naturwissenschaften, and Kotz
During my Graduate work, I designed and built a custom electron microscope designed to measure electron emission from surfaces by both angle and energy.
With this device I discovered an interesting new electron scattering phenomenon which was featured in cover articles, technical books, and textbooks.

Covers of Science   Surface Science Books    Kotz & Purcell     

Science Article

Science and Christianity

Predicting the Election

  In my 2003 Differential Phenomenon class at the Schilling School for Gifted Children, I predicted the outcome of the 2004 election to be 52% to 48%, with a Republican win.
  My claim was that anytime you have a difference in nature, you set up an oscillator. One of the students wondered if we could model presidential politics with oscillators (after all, the parties are different!)
   Well, I've been on record now for several years that the 2008 election will also be a Republican win...
but the winner will only serve one is a graph which summarizes my model:

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