Statistics of Science and Math with Biology

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HELP, Fall 2008

*ALL NEW CLASS!* Statistics of Science and Math WITH BIOLOGY- Teacher: Doctor Frank

  This class is an ALL NEW class that offers 4th-6th graders several challenging hands-on experiments involving discussion on probability, phenomena, predictions, mathematical functions, and angles using pendulums, bouncing balls, frisbees, racetracks, dice, and projectiles all from a BIOLOGY point of view.

  This class will help you sharpen your skills on how Science and Math are used in the real world with LOTS AND LOTS of BIOLOGY thrown in for fun!! Guaranteed to help your child(ren) fall in love with Science, Biology, (and MATH) all over again (or at least for the first time)! :)

  No repeats from the other Stats class that Dr. Frank has taught in the past!

Week 1 - Scientific Method, Human Reaction Time Lab
Week 2 - Human Reaction Time Lab
Week 3 - Data workup from previous week and Genetics Intro (Eye color)
Eye Color Worksheet
Class Results, Initial Data
How the Eye Sees (Sci Amer Article)
Students: Please find the eye colors of your parents and siblings for our next class!
pH Exploration Worksheet


2nd Semester Class

2/11/09  Welcome back! A bit of a clumsy start due to weather, so let's see if we can recover some momentum...
Last semester our objective was to explore the brain and eyes and some genetics. We finished up with dissecting sheep heads. Cool!
 This semester we are emphasizing the nervous system and the way the brain controls the entire body.
So, we'll study the nervous system a bit first, then dissect an entire animal...I bought some really huge frogs for us to dissect. Yeah!
Here is the handout we used last class on the nervous system.
One of the things we considered last week was that every hair has a nerve associated with it, and that there are several nervous systems,
each performing important functions, such as senses and control, reacting to pain, temperature. Today, we will review each of these systems, and test some predictions.

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