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Syllabus, 1st Quarter
Syllabus, 2nd Quarter

Inertial Pendulum Excel File from 10-14 Class
Gravitational Pendulum Analysis from Class
Board Notes from 12 1 08 Class (Newton 1,2,3 and X,V, A)
Data from Rolling Ball Experiment 12 1 08

(12/9/08) I will hand out and discuss the Falling Balls Worksheet today.
For homework, please begin working on this worksheet,
and begin formalizing your Rolling Balls lab report.
I am working on the syllabus now!

(1/6/09) Happy New Year! Fun seeing you guys again. Some assigment reminders:
- Watch the movie "Einstein and Eddington." We will discuss next week.
- Rework your pendulum papers to include historical references, and with a more careful analysis and discussion section.
- Keep working on the Falling Balls Worksheet.. Here is the spreadsheet we used in class today.
Some of you requested the Moon Simulation Program I used in class today.
You will need to unzip this and put it in the "c:\Program Files\" folder for the program to run.

(1/13/09) Today we are going to discuss Einstein and Eddington and our Pendulum and
 Rolling Ball experiments and Lab Reports. I am going to postpone the New York Balance experiment
to give you guys more time to finish your falling ball worksheet, and improve your Pendulum and Rolling Ball reports.

2/10/09 Nice seeing everyone today...keep working on your falling ball worksheet and lab reports. We will discuss chapter 11 homework next week!

2/17/09 Great class today! Didn't have a chance to discuss the homework, so you get another week on chap 11.
Today we did the New York Balance experiment, and worked up an Excel File with the data.
Also, I showed you a worksheet I'd prepared for another class for reference.
Get to work on your lab report for the New York Balance! It's due in three weeks.
See you next week!

2/24/09 Another great class today...a milestone. We're ready to begin our "Light and Sound" unit. So...
a) Please finish your Chapter 11 homework;
b) Finish your New York Balance lab report;
c) Read chapter 4 and complete the recall questions.
Next week we build SPECTROMETERS!

3/10/09 Today we calibrated spectrometers, with the remaining more-healthy students (four were sick!).
I emailed everyone the Excel spreadsheet we did in class (with Kalen's data).
Your homework is to finish the Chapter 4 problems, read Chapter 5 (do recall questions),
and to work on your spectrometer lab report. Isabel and Daniel had questions on the chapter homework, which we will save for next week.
Next week...more on WAVE MOTION!

©2009 Douglas G. Frank
Revised 3/10/2009